Sokugi katas are kicking katas that focus on a few elementary karate kicks. All orange belts are required to execute Sokugi katas well at grading.


Sokugi Ichi – The components are low sidekick (knife cut); moving forward is Mae Geri (high front kick)










Sokugi Ni – Chudan Yoko Geri (side high kick) followed by Mae Kiage (high rising kick)











Sokugi San – Chudan Yoko Geri (side high kick) and Soto Mawashi (outer crescent kick); moving forward Uchi Mawashi (inner crescent kick)

Uchi and Soto Mawashi









Common Mistakes, Notes and Tips

  • When changing direction always do so with a double hand cross block.
  • Students often forget to Kiai – as mentioned in our previous Taikyoku Kata article, a loud and clear Kiai is a must.
  • Do stretching exercises at least 30 minutes a day to improve flexibility, which is crucial for executing high kicks like Chudan Yoko Geri, Mae Geri and Soto Mawashi.
  • Pay strong focus on the Kihon we do in each class as it helps to build stability, strength and power over time.
  • Cardio fitness is essential to manage the sport (or any sports) effectively. Kihon can help with stamina building but only partially. Swim, bike or run often to build stamina. Osu!


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