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New Dojo @ Joo Chiat

Starting 12 Nov, we will officially begin our Saturday trainings at Joo Chiat Dojo. This dojo has an extensive range of facilities for our [...]

Important Announcement: Changes to *SCAPE

*SCAPE training will move to every Wednesday starting THIS Wednesday 8 June, on 5th Floor Studio. Classes starts 8.30pm, Osu!     [...]

SFC Seminar Sunday 12 June 2016

Following the 4th Annual SFC Singapore Full Contact Karate Tournament, we are honoured to have WKO Asian Chairman Shihan Sujoto conduct a s [...]

SFC Singapore Full Contact Karate Championships 2016

The annual SFC Singapore Full Contact Karate Championships will be held in June 2016. Download and submit participation forms to your respec [...]
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Kiai: An Essential Component of Karate Training (Part 1)

In Kanji, ki is energy; ai is joining, so kiai essentially means the joining and connection of energy. Karate kiai focus on breathing and ex [...]

Back to Basics: How to Tie Your Belt (Obi)

No more loop-sided belts with different lengths please. Everything you do in a dojo, including tying your belts right, show the instructors [...]
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