Frequently Asked Questions

Am I suitable for this sport?

Full contact Kyokushin Karate is suitable for all ages and genders. We have members ranging from 4 to 60 years of age. Our experienced instructors will assess your fitness level and guide you in learning accordingly.

I have no experience in martial arts or Karate, can I still join?

Like many of our black-belters today, they too, started off fresh without any background in martial arts. What’s most important is the determination and passion to learn. You’ll find yourself on a rewarding journey with peers around you, keeping up to the training regime together.

How do I go about assessing if I would have the interest in Karate?

Well if you are already reading this, you probably have the unlighted fire in you to learn. Ignite that fire today by writing to us at to find out more.

What should I wear for my first Karate lesson?

We train with pride in the karate dogi, the official white attire. You may write to us at to prepare a set for you (ranges from about $80 – $150 subjected to sizes) in advance. You are recommended to come in loose fitting sports attire- for gentlemen: a tshirt or sports top with loose fitting pants or shorts that you can stretch comfortably in. For ladies: a tshirt or sports top and sports bra with comfortable long pants.

  • No footwear is required as lessons are conducted on bare feet.
  • You are also recommended to bring along a towel for perspiration, water bottle with water or isotonic drink to rehydrate yourself.
  • Changing facilities are bathrooms are available at all our training locations.