Dojowu at Simei: The First Training Session

On 2 March 2013, the weather was glorious and Dojowu opened doors for its first official training at Simei.

Migi Sanchin Dachi 
The opening of a new training ground involves loads of logistics arrangement, publicity, blessings from the venue owner (which for Simei is Metta Welfare Association) and most importantly, the support from Shinkyokushin members in Singapore as well as members of the public.
 Kibadachi Tettsui
The main instructor cum advisor to Dojowu, Shihan Patrick Teo led the congress into training and filled fully air-conditioned room with rising heat emitted from the all-heated-up bodies of members.
Shihan Patrick Teo, who is also the Branch Chief of World Karate Organisation-Shinkyokushin Singapore

Regardless of race, religion, gender and nationality, members from all walks of lives come together for a shared passion and interest.

To excel in Kyokushin Karate, it is necessary to receive regular trainings, to possess a strong mental-self and have an unbeatable determination. You don’t have to be physically strong to begin learning this martial art. It will take you on a journey of self-discovery, of building your strength and resilience.
A memory lane down for many of senior belt-ers could reveal that they too, when first started training, are not born natural fighters; nor are gifted to have that perfect mawashi geri (roundhouse kick), or tobi hiza geri (jumping knee kick) for examples. It was the years of training they had faithfully attended, coupled with self-determination to do better each time that brought them to the level of skill-sets they have today; & being able to pass these skills down to the next generation of trainees.
Shihan Patrick demonstrating yokogeri uraken 
Words can’t describe the special bond which members have formed through Karate. Everyone started off as a stranger when they stepped into the dojo for the first time. Through sessions of sweating together;  bracing punches and kicks during kumites (full contact fighting); to giving one another a pat on the back for encouragement, the dojo has the ability of turning strangers to comrades; to friends; to a community.
Train hard, fight well, live life to fullest
If you are thinking of coming by to experience an exhilarating session of karate training, drop us an email at & we’ll fill you in with more details.
Looking forward to seeing you.
Photos courtesy from member wong-san, also our voluntary resident-photographer

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