SFC 2015: Singapore Full Contact Karate Championships


To all our partners, sponsors and participants, I would like to thank each and every one of you for the support, enthusiasm, and empowerment of this responsibility to me.


As you are aware, this year’s tournament received an overwhelming response and the audiences’ echoes and cheers further signify its success. With the support of all the Karatekans and Karate Organisations, we also successfully demonstrated the breaking of 50 baseball bats into the Singapore Book of Records.


SFC 2015 will not be possible without the help and invaluable advice from our predecessors who have generously shared and imparted their knowledge and experience with the teams involved this year.


Having said that, all of us are dedicated and passionate in Karate or other martial arts. We learn and impart our knowledge to others selflessly so that in due time we can pass on this legacy to the next generation.


We wanted an event that not only promotes the sport but to also give back to the society. Hence, we decided to raise funds from SFC 2015 and donate the proceeds to our official beneficiary, Metta Welfare Association.


Once again thank you all and I hope to see another successful event next year. Osu!


Jimmy Lim

SFC 2015 Chairman

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