New Dojo at ITE College East

Starting 21 January 2015 Dojo Wu will have additional Wednesday and Saturday classes at ITE College East. Dojo Wu will be serving as an Int [...]

Support the Inclusion of Full Contact Karate into the 2020 Olympics

Below is the full excerpt from WKO President Kenji Midori regarding Inclusion of Full Contact Karate into the 2020 Olympics. Show your sup [...]
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Kata: Sokugi Taikyoku for Orange Belts

Sokugi katas are kicking katas that focus on a few elementary karate kicks. All orange belts are required to execute Sokugi katas well a [...]
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Kata: Taikyoku Sono Ichi, Ni and San for White Belts

Kata in karate refers to ‘form’ or ‘shape’. It is a set of stances performed in a specific sequence that involves p [...]

Karate Can Help Your Child Cope with Bullying

Bullying, unfortunately, is an inevitable part of life, no matter how young, educated or well-off one is, we all will encounter forms of bul [...]

Upcoming Grading November 2014

White belts will be allowed to leave after their tests, approx 1pm; orange belts similar unless you are asked to spar. This upcoming grading [...]
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