Upcoming Grading November 2014

White belts will be allowed to leave after their tests, approx 1pm; orange belts similar unless you are asked to spar. This upcoming grading [...]

Karate Training Commands: Japanese to English

These are the commands which are frequently used during trainings. Heard them but always wonder what they mean? Dojo : school, place where w [...]

A Pursuit of Martial Art in Singapore: Shinkyokushin Karate

“Why Karate?” Not an unfamiliar question we often hear. Speaking to a handful of students from Dojo Wu often reveals a few commo [...]

Mokuso: 黙想

Mokuso: pronounced “moh-kso”.  Meditation. During Karate training, it is fairly common that meditation is practiced. What purpo [...]

Top 5 Deadly Kicks

In Martial Arts there are various movements taught and some self-modified. Some focus more on the upper body movements- forward punches, upp [...]

Dojowu at Simei: The First Training Session

On 2 March 2013, the weather was glorious and Dojowu opened doors for its first official training at Simei. Migi Sanchin Dachi  The openin [...]
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