Back to Basics: How to Tie Your Belt (Obi)

No more loop-sided belts with different lengths please. Everything you do in a dojo, including tying your belts right, show the instructors [...]

No training due to SEA Games and SFC

NO TRAININGS  ITE CE affected dates: 3, 6, 10, 13, 17 June *SCAPE  9 June TAMPINES 14 June PLEASE ATTEND combined training at Expo Hall 3, [...]

Dojo ITE CE’s gate schedules

Osu, please note Dojo ITE CE’s gate schedules – it will not affect our training times however, do read FYI.   [...]

SFC 2015 is coming!

SFC 2015, or the annual Singapore Full Contact Karate Championships, will be held this June at the Singapore Expo Hall 3 within Sports and F [...]

Simei Dojo: We Have Moved!

Simei Dojo at ITE College East – 4th Floor, Indoor Sports Hall (ISH) Classes every: Wednesday 7-9pm Saturday 1.30-4.00pm OSU!   [...]

2015 Classes at Dojo Wu

Osu! Please take note changes to some classes for 2015:   Tuesday – starting 13 January *SCAPE Orchard 7.30-9.30pm   Wednesd [...]
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