A Pursuit of Martial Art in Singapore: Shinkyokushin Karate

Why Karate?” Not an unfamiliar question we often hear.

Speaking to a handful of students from Dojo Wu often reveals a few common interest and purpose traits; of pursuing this martial art.
Some took this up because they want to be able to fight with style on international platform like the Shinkyokushin Karate Malaysia Open 2013, some joined because they knew about Kyokushin, some are attracted to the discipline and confidence it instilled, for some others, simply because they are looking for fitness programme with practical self-defense moves.
Unarmed Combat in Kyokushin Karate Singapore
Being in this martial art for some 10 over years is not an easy feat. I once heard from a senior who laughed at himself when asked why he never gave up Kyokushin. He laughed not because he thought it was foolish; he laughed because he was amazed at himself that he had come this far; and yet the road does not end here.
The shaping of one’s characters through constant weathering with every people you meet; with every punches you eat; with every kicks that cut right through those muscles. It’s not just physical. You evolve mentally too.
Karate Training
At our work, studies, NS, home, we are on a constant pursuit for happiness and satisfaction.
Life in Singapore, as many of us lament, is a game of how fast you could run on that wheel- like a hamster.
In the midst of running on that wheel of yours, we often miss out getting touch with our inner-self; something so delicate yet is the driving force behind what you really want.
Meditating at a Karate outdoor training

Karate allows you to be in touch with your inner-self.

Think about when was the last time you spent time with yourself, when was the last time you felt every part of your body- using your mind.

To many, this martial art seems like it is all about fights; seems like it is all about how much punishments you can take and how much punishments you can give.

Fact is, it conditions you much deeper than mere-muscles. The power of mind that Karate helps to build is not to be belittled.

Dojo Wu members come from vastly different walks of lives. Ranging from pilots to bankers, directors to teachers, students to NSmen. Through this journey in Karate, the members realised that it put them in good stead when they deal with troubling matters in their personal lives, thus achieving balance as they are better equipped with mental skills to reach their goals.

Dojo Training

The pursuit of anything in life is never easy. The odds placed against you always seems to be higher no matter how prepared you think you are.

Taking the first step to pursue what you want is already half the battle won.

I am ready to continue this journey with a stronger mind, are you ready to start yours?

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